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Its all about Time

Its all about Time we go through. 

The superhero fame jokes of Rajinikanth are very familiar for most of the people in India. So, lets start this topic with a fantasy joke like that.

It was the year 1998, ICC KnockOut Tournament (later called ICC Champions Trophy). Remember this is a fantasy story, so our superhero Rajinikanth entered the field when he had to hit a six to win in the last ball of a crucial match. And of course he did. But, what happened after he hit the ball was never known to anyone. The ball went up and never returned anywhere in the ground. The match was announced as abandoned with NO RESULT.

Its obvious by now if you think the ball went to Mars, Jupiter etc., But, no, Stay put... the twist is yet to come.

It was the year 2017, ICC Champions Trophy (started as ICC KnockOut Tournament). Remember, this is a fantasy story, things happened differently in actual matches. Our real life cricket hero Kohli was in the field for the last ball. A six to win the crucial match and of course he did hit a big, but the ball was about to land just before the four line. That's not what he wanted. The nerves of Indian fans were just about to burst out. The opponent team were about to jump in the air on their victory. But, hold on!!! what!!!! what happened after that was never a thing to understand for anyone in the world. The ball went up and was about to land before four line, there came another ball "out of nowhere" hitting Kohli's ball and both landed out of four line. Six!!!! Well! You know by now what is that other ball! It was Rajinikanth's sixer hit by 1998. 1998 match was announced with the result 19 years later and so as 2017 match as well.

Rajinikanth infact won two matches in a single hit... I think it is one of the best statements ever (really???) to say about a superhero's ability πŸ˜ƒ

OK, now, how was that even possible? As a matter of fact, it is very well possible in theory (only if human has power to hit like that). Lets learn a little bit about TIME out of this fantasy Joke. As per Albert Einstein's Special Relativity, when an object travel 99.5% of light's speed in space, the object travels through the Earth's time faster, but travel normal on its own timeline. If Rajinikanth's hit took the ball at the speed of 99.5% light's speed into space, as per the ball (object) it was only few seconds into the space, but when it came back to the ground it was already 19 years passed in Earth's time. Please don't ask me what pulled the ball back to Earth, I will anyway say the word "Fantasy" againπŸ˜‰. So, as per Special Relativity theory of Einstein, time travel is very well possible to the future in space time with 99.5% speed of light. If you want to achieve time travel in Earth itself (where the gravity plays a major role), Einstein has another interesting theory for that called General Relativity.... Do you want try any of those?

Time travel, though we call it fantasy, time to time... we are all through time anyways. Its just that, we believe we can't move faster in time. Ok, now comes the philosophy, if I have to reach office by 9:30am, in a point of time before starting from home, I decided to use Google Map to find the less traffic routes and reached office by 9:15am. Another me in that point of time before starting from home, decided to just go regular route without Google Map and reached office by 9:30am. The early me, travelled time 15 mins, isn't it? So, every decision I make changes my future. By that, smart decisions make your future better, in other words, smart people knows their future. So without travelling faster like light, you can still travel time better than how we do, by living smart πŸ˜ƒ!

Happy Time Travelling!

See you in furture! πŸ˜‰

- Naren


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