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I don`t want them to die

It was a regular last minute rush to School yesterday Morning, when I parked my car on the road side in front of the School, my daughter who is just 6, stepped out of the car through the rear door and just stood still... I took her bags and was urging her to move quicker as the time was running out, the school gates will be closed any time sooner. She was reluctant to move and didn't listen to any of what I said. A moment of my rushing thoughts towards her just dropped down to zero, when I heard her saying "I don't want them to die"... I stood still now and asked "what?", her eyes were on the grasses and plants where she was standing, she had no path to step ahead without stepping on them and said "I don't want them to die". A moment of paused thoughts on my head took some seconds to recover from the depth of words she just said, then realised the time which was running out, lifted her to a path where she avoided stepping on any plants and happily running towards her School. I was looking around while walking, the grass field had lot of patches where people just walked or where the plants just died.... 

The event kept scrolling up and down on my head since that Morning, we had it all... when we were kids, we loved the plants, trees, flowers, gardens, rivers, mountains... we just loved them the way they were and we lost it all over the time and become adults. I keep telling people, telling myself to plant trees and my daughter just told me "Save trees" as well. "Save trees, plants, the nature we have and help them grow".

It puts me with more responsibility of protecting her thoughts as well, at least "I will not let that thoughts die out of her".